8 Famous Food From Different Countries

In each country, there are different distinction and popularity when it comes to food. Some foods are loved by millions while some are not recognizable at all.

1. Churro is a fried pastry with chocolate or cinnamon; the shape could either be long, short or twisted. It is popularly known in Spain but Churros are pretty popular for us to buy even in our own country.

2. Samgyeopsal has a direct translation which means three layers flesh a Korean grilled pork belly dish. It is usually not seasoned or marinated but during the 2000’s it evolves from not seasoned to a seasoned samgyeopsal. Alongside the pork belly are the side dishes that usually compose of garlic, onions, lettuce, pickled radish, and dipping sauce such as the chili paste and soybean paste.

3. Pad Thai, it is a Thai dish based on rice noodles, it is a stir-fried rice noodle that is commonly served as street food. It could with bean sprouts, chicken, shrimp, peanuts, egg or any additional ingredients. Pad Thai is one of the most common menus for the thai restaurant.

4. Pizza and Pasta is a delicious dish originated in Italy. Pizza is round flattened dough topped with a special sauce, cheese, and various kinds of ingredients such as bacon, ham, olives, tomatoes, and many more. Pasta has different shapes and sizes of noodles and different sauce bases such as tomato sauce, cream, pesto, and oil. Pasta is commonly seen for parties in a corporate catering Sydney CBD in different countries.

5. Tonkatsu, Tempura, Ramen and Sushi are the most common dish in Japan yet the most famous dish around the world. Tonkatsu is a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet while the tempura is a deep fried shrimp the most popular contribution of Japan in the food industry. Ramen is a soup base dish with soba or udon noodles with different types of toppings. Sushi a dish of rolls made out of vinegar, sugar, salt, and rice rolled with a garnish of raw fish.

6. Adobo and Torta is a dish originated from the Philippines. Adobo is a chicken or pork cooked in garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar. Adobo is cooked differently in every region some regions add pineapples, egg, potatoes or sweet potatoes while torta is an omelet.

7. Empanada, Tacos, and Quesadillas are some of the popular dishes from Mexico. Empanada is deep fried flakey pastries that are stuffed with vegetables, beef, chicken, tuna, or cheese. Tacos could either be flour or corn-based but corn-based tacos are the original tacos from Mexico. Quesadillas are a soft wrap filled with cheese, guacamole, chilies, and meat.

8. Cheesecake, Burgers and Mac and Cheese are the mouth-watering dishes from the USA. Cheesecake is a cake based on cream cheese and topped with caramelized fruits such as strawberry and blueberry. The burger is composed of buns and patty, the patty is around flattened ground meat. Mac and Cheese are pasta made literally from macaroni noodles and cheese based sauce.

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