Bar Drink Dispenser: A Brief History

In early 1785, Joseph Bramah introduced the beer dispenser pump to prepare draft beer for beer lovers, but only at the beginning of the 20th century, pressurized beer was provided through barrels (not sterilized) and barrels (sterilized).

People realized that beer under pressure (the familiar term for beer in tap water) tasted much better, so they began looking for options to enjoy this luxury at home. After all, many people agree that draft beer tastes better. And this passion has led to the concept of ideal bar drink dispenser, an easy-to-use device at home.

Finally, about 35 years ago, Beer Meister introduced the first domestic dispenser to people who drink enthusiastic beers. Over the years, different manufacturers have devised different models that adapt to the tastes and requirements of the buyer.

How does a beer dispenser work? The main function of the domestic dispensing device is to keep the pressurized barrels at the desired cold temperature connected to the tap for dispensing alcohol. You can see it as a refrigerator that has been renovated to serve draft beer. Domestic beer dispensers can hit and serve beer without a purchase price of beer at the neighbouring bar.

The domestic mini barrel dispenser is available in various sizes and offers different sizes, unique features and adaptability. There is a table dispenser such as Krups C75 and a barrel refrigerator for indoor and outdoor use. There are beer dispensers that can only accommodate certain brands, such as the Krups B100, and only allow three brands: Heineken, Heineken Lite and Newcastle Beer. There are other large devices, such as commercial refrigerators with additional features such as double faucets and commercial-grade carbon dioxide regulators with dividers. The range is huge.

The bar drink dispenser has come a long way. In the initial basic modified refrigerators, they evolved over some time. One of the latest innovations added to the selection is an ascending dispenser. This device is considered the most efficient beer extraction system in the world. It is a four-nozzle dispenser that can fill several cups at the same time. The current world record is 44 pints per minute per person. Rotating the head is an innovation, since this dispenser not only allows multiple dispensing but also the fact that the cup is filled from the bottom. How do you do it? The cup has a hole and a magnet is attached to cover the hole.

In fact, with this creation of beer dispensing, those who drink beer can breathe relieved. The frustrated moment of inefficient waiters is history. No more spills or delays! Now they hope to enjoy fully served draft beer. The best experience of drinking beer!

Given the variety of mini barrel dispensers available, we now come to the most important question. Which one should I buy? Of course, before buying this product, you must consider the requirements. If you regularly organize parties for family and friends, you may want a more expensive device that offers flexibility in terms of size, size and brand of beer barrels allowed. If you are part of Heineken beer, you can consider units such as the Krups B100 Beer Tender.

After all, without a beer dispenser at home, having a bar at home is incomplete. So who can resist the cold beer foam glass? You may not get the Bottoms up Draft beer dispenser, but you can still create your best personal beer drinking experience.