Coming To The Secrets Of Slow Aging

A keto diet does exactly that. These food types are tested on various cases that are related to aging, primarily from diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. These have been subjected to numerous tests. For example, a substance called the ketone ‘acetoacetate’ found in such ketogenic diet plan Australia has been shown to protect mouse cells from this unwanted process that could lead to this disease. Using several types of studies have shown some positive results on ketone-food too. Such experiments pave the way to better understand the cause and effects of anything we take in. Though experiments on a small sample of people cannot be conclusive for everyone around us, the research is paving the way to new ideas every day.

The lock to this secret has been around us in form of stories or tales of adventure. In some form or the other, the ability to turn mortals into immortal or potions that never let you age or even reverse the aging has been in our culture. They never let us go in some form or other. Today’s science is no aliens to this fact either. They are also chasing the dreams of the ancestors who lived centuries ago. In the form of what we eat, how we eat, how we live our life and our daily routine and even more. Changes and change of lifestyle is the key to unlocking these secrets according to them.

What have we found?

Right from the 1940s, when Denham Harman Ph.D. started back to school to learn medicine, there has been a surge in new thinking and ideas. About what to eat and consume can have profound impacts on our body and its appearance. Apart from the strength, agility, and fitness of our body, taking note of the aging process has been a fascinating study. So far, it has fascinated scientist of all generations. In his work, the scientist proposed that aging is caused due to radicals of oxygen molecules in our cells.

And, the accumulation of these stuff over time leads to the aging of the cells. And, that changed the course of research and thinking about the effective supplements for anti aging and ways and methods forever.Is it possible to make an impact?Is it possible to make changes to our body and these cells to reduce the accumulation? This is the first thing that would come up in our mind. It is simple enough to keep us busy for the rest of our lives. But, for many, the result is as simple as taking care of the reactive oxygen in the cells and its adverse effects. In later stages of research, this was shown to affect the cells quickly if the diet of certain kids were introduced or removed.

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